[Can Purple Cabbage Lose Weight?]_ Purple Cabbage_How to Lose Weight_How to Lose Weight

[Can Purple Cabbage Lose Weight?]_ Purple Cabbage_How to Lose Weight_How to Lose Weight

Many people are not familiar with purple cabbage. Purple cabbage is an anti-cancer food. Purple cabbage has a lot of edible effects. Many women want to know if eating purple cabbage can lose weight.

Under normal circumstances, eating purple cabbage can lose weight, purple cabbage can also consume trace amounts of the human body, there are weight loss effects.


Eating purple cabbage has the effect of losing weight, because purple cabbage is mainly supplemented with a variety of nutrients such as cellulose, vitamins, amino acids, etc. After eating in the stomach, it can mainly consume a small amount of effect to achieve the effect of weight loss.

There will be some anthocyanins in it, although it is not a necessary nutrient for the human body, it will not cause weight gain.

After supplementing the human body, it has good antioxidant effects. This is a vegetable that is good for health. It can help the body’s body burn slightly, and it has a great substitute for weight loss.


The content of purple cabbage is very low, only about 19 calories per 100g of purple cabbage, the unit transfer content.

So what is the concept of the 19-calorie transition?

Equivalent to doing the following exercises: 5 minutes walking, 2 minutes running, 1 minute skipping, 4 minutes aerobics.

The migration of every 100 grams of purple cabbage accounts for about 1% of the total absorption required by the average adult to maintain a healthy daily conversion.


The amount of purple cabbage and the types of nutrients it contains are similar to ordinary cabbage, but the content is higher, so the nutritional value is higher than that of ordinary cabbage. It is recommended to eat it during weight loss.

Purple cabbage is fried under high temperature, it will fade after cooking, and lose a small amount of nutrients, which is normal.

If you want to keep the purple-red color of purple cabbage, you can add a small amount of white vinegar before heating.

Purple cabbage can be boiled, fried, pickled, or made into kimchi, but the best way to eat it is still cold, which has a refreshing taste and no loss of nutrition.