[How to make pancake noodles]_How to make_How to make

[How to make pancake noodles]_How to make_How to make

Pancakes are a very common food in northern China. Pancakes are more fragrant than ordinary steamed bread and other pasta, and you can also add sesame and seasonings to flavor them.

To make pancakes, you must first make a noodle.

And everyone knows that the methods of making different pasta, the method of making noodles, and the temperature of the water used are all different. If you don’t pay attention, it will affect the taste of the pasta.

So, how to make pancake noodles?

Boiling water and noodles!

Is it wrong? Can it be cooked?

To make it soft, add eggs to the noodles. The state after being evenly homogeneous is slightly thinner than sticky, and leave it for a while.

Heat the pan (the pan is the best), put the oil first, moisten it evenly, then pour it into the pot, and flatten the thickness with a shovel.

Note that it is too thick and not tasty, it will be hard after being burned for a long time; if it is too hot, turn it over and you can cook one in one to two minutes.

Key points: 1.

To make different cakes, use water and noodles with different temperatures: home-made oil cakes, onion oil cakes, some with warm water; pizza, tendon cakes with boiling water.


The noodles should be thinner, the ratio is roughly 500 grams of flour + 250 grams of water.


You can add the right amount of salt to the flour.


Don’t pancakes right after the noodles are cooked, otherwise there will be simmering, wait for about 20 minutes.


When baking pancakes, do not take too long, otherwise the pancakes will harden and affect the taste.

Home-made oil cake practice: Ingredients: flour (optional), seasoning: cooking oil, chives, salt 1.

Pour the flour into a large bowl, add warm water to the flour, and stir while adding. After being slightly dried, knead with water to form a smooth dough and let it stand for more than 20 minutes.


Take another small bowl, add a small amount of flour, pour in cooking oil, stir the flour, salt, and cooking oil into a pastry (slightly thinner); chopp the shallots and set aside.


Divide the rest of the dough into two portions (depending on the size of the dough), roll a portion of the dough into an array of dough pieces.


Spread half of the pastry on the dough and sprinkle with a layer of chives.


Roll the dough sheet from top to bottom and roll into long strips.


Roll the long noodles from one end, flatten them, and use a rolling pin to make a thinner round cake.


Preheat the electric baking pan in advance, pour some oil on the baking pan, put the rolled round cake in the electric baking pan, put some oil on the surface of the cake, and bake both sides until golden brown.